Adryan Aesthetics Facial Bar

Adryan Aesthetics Facial Bar


A delicacy for your skin! A delight for your senses!  Fulfilling skin care desires in an “Ahhh – Oasis of bliss…”!

From the moment you enter your senses will guide you to intrigue. You’ll find yourself immediately relaxed amongst fun knowledgeable caring staff who are delighted to guide you through every step of the process in getting your skin to its upmost integrity. The best in self care, skin care for resilient skin.  We help you achieve your skin care goals by using a combination of our proven technique’s, results driven skin care, state of the art machines and our knowledgeable professionals to educate you and your skin into the healthiest state possible.

Facial treatments for every skin concern.

So bring your skin, and come on in.  You’re not just a number. You’re noticed for your unique you!!

“When life gives you lemons, make lemonade.”  “When life gives you Adryan Aesthetics, visit out new facial bar and get the best skin EVER!!

Facial bar concept:
Harmony treatment at the Facial Bar – A composition of our Adryan Aesthetics Corrective treatments selected just for you to bring your skin into its healthiest state possible.

Harmony treatment consists of the complete basics of skin care.

Cleanse: plant based cleanser selected depending on skin integrity

Exfoliate: your choice of –

  • Microdermabrasion – fine lines, acne scaring, aging, normal to oily skin
  • Dermaplane – fine lines, (Vellus) fine facial hairs, normal, dry, rosacea, oily skin
  • Chemical Peel – acneic, scaring, aging, congested skin (suggested fall through winter months)
  • Hydro-dermabrasion – dry, dehydrated, fine lines, aging skin

Extractions: Removal of blackheads, milia

Masque: your choice of-

  • Purifying/Detoxify – Clay hardening masque for congested, acne prone skin with clearing & pulling agents from earths own magnetic materials
  • Hydrating/Nourishing – Gel masque for Alipidic – lacks oil skin, Literally means “lack of lipids”; describes skin that does not produce enough sebum, indicated by absence of visible pores dehydrated – lacks water skin with peptides, ceramides & occlusive elements
  • Calming/Skin repairing – Gel peel off masque for sluggish, undernourished, lax sensitive, Rosacea skin, with EGF, proteins, polyphenols, peptides & vitamins
  • Brightening/Lightening – Freeze dried masque for scaring, hyperpigmentation & dark spots, with organic super fruits & botanical plant peptides and stem cells that work at the cellular level to inhibit tyrosine over production therefore stopping polymerization in melanin caused by External Sun exposure or Internal sugar exposure (glycation)
  • O2 Vitamin infusion – Oxygen spray allows vitamins to penetrate deeper to nourish and oxygenate the largest organ of your body -your skin

Choose between- Nourishing, Clearing or Brightening

Moisturizer: to lock in proprietary ingredients

Sunscreen – to protect from UVA/UVB & Blue light radiation


Facial bar also offers:

  • Add-on menu with a wide variety of specialty treatments
  • Happy Hour Specials @ the Facial Bar
  • Daily specialty – healthy beverages to uplift and energize
  •  A relaxing atmosphere
  • Love and compassion for you and your skin

Harmony treatment add-on menu
Designed to lift, firm, accelerate lymph & blood flow, homogenize skin tone & transparency and brighten & tighten skin.

(Pick 1, pick 2, pick 3 or go for the gusto and pick 4)


  • Lymphatic inflammation drainage/Signature face sculpting massage with Geisha or facial cupping – for that “look exceptional” red carpet ready event or just because..
  • LED infa-red Dome– to overload on antioxidants and build that little thing we desperately need called collagen or Blue light – for acneic skin or SAD (seasonal affective disorder)
  • Microcurrent – for firming and building ATP (Adenosine triphosphate) or inner cellular energy in layman’s term’s
  • Pink quartz vibration therapy to increase firmness, energy and vitality


  • Coolifting – “ahhh” the ultimate in Cryo, hydration, lifting & firming – hyaluronic acid is forced deep into the skin using a co2 cartridge causing a micro Vasoconstriction/dilation to get the blood flowing, firming effects accumulate over the next 48 hours causing a lifting effect that ultimately diminishing crows feet and fine lines. Perfect for your wedding, stage event or first date!
  • Pink quartz vibration therapy & Sheet Masque to increase firmness and vitality
  • EGF masque (epithelial growth factor) masques designed of concentrated proteins to create cellular growth and optimum cellular health. Choose from Snail mucin or Sheep placenta
  • Advanced brightening masque – White Pearl
  • Cellular repair – Colostrum masque
  • EpiWave profusion – Needle-free-needing. Micro channeling and infusion without injury utilizing 3D-LIZED HYALURONIC MICRO PINS (pyramid shaped hardened hyaluronic acid) for superior product performance leaving your skin plump, smooth, firm and glowing for weeks at a time.

Harmony treatment options
-On-the-go maintenance program – basic must that will help you maintain healthy skin.
VIP program Monthly $99
30 mins

Extra TLC –
-Let’s figure out plan for your tired or angry skin – Harmony treatment & (1) add-on
VIP program Monthly $129

Ultimate self care treatment
-Restoring or regaining skin eloquence and assurance. Harmony treatment & (3) add-on’s.
VIP program – Monthly $139

Also , enjoy the benefits of Happy hour specials at the facial bar
1pm – 5pm booking’s
1/2 off add-ons
20% of specialty masque’s

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