Phoenix Awakening Signature – Hydrofacial with LED O2 Dome
Phoenix Awakening Signature – Hydrofacial with LED O2 Dome

Phoenix Awakening Signature – Hydrofacial with LED O2 Dome

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Relax – Renew and Rewind the clock of aging.

An innovative approach to skin care breaks new ground by offering a personalized treatment utilizing state of the art technology, combine with results driven products to soften fine lines, lift and firm, nourish and hydrate the skin to the face, neck and eyes, resulting in radiant, glowing, more youthful skin and overall appearance. 

Hydrofacial is the only hydradermabrasion procedure that combines cleansing, exfoliation, extractions, hydration and antioxidant protection simultaneously, resulting in clearer, more beautiful skin with little to no downtime.

LED Oxygen Dome is where you are encapsulated with high concentration oxygen, removing free radicals, stimulating the skin, improving blood circulation and killing bacteria, while LED light therapy (RED) helps penetrate products deep into the epidermis, (BLUE) helps lighten dark spots caused from acne or (PIE) – (post-inflammatory erythema) or (PIH) – (post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation).

The treatment works well on all skin types and can be altered to meet the needs of each individual.

Standard Treatment Includes:
Every Standard Treatment includes a Hydro-cleanse (Similar to a hydrodermabrasion), a hand held wand forces out impurities using Ionized water (for an alkaline skin barrier) while simultaneously suctioning to remove deeply embedded impurities, which prepares the skin for the Hydro-Peel, where an AHA or BHA is applied to the skin for a few minutes to loosen the molecular glue that holds dead skin cells together and/or digest the stratum cornium and soaks up unwanted oils, also lifts deeper embedded impurities, using the same hand held wand as the 1st cleanse, suction is applied to remove all of the above. A second application of AHA or BHA is applied to areas of congestion/blackheads and suction of extractions is performed, leaving the skin clean and in perfect balance to receive the next part of the treatment. With the skin completely cleansed an application of Vital Cell Nutrient Booster is applied to reduce redness, calm, and help improve skin health and texture. 

Next, Adryan Aesthetics introduces XO8 Cosmeceuticals Radiance Mask into the protocol to deliver ultimate medical grade peptides, stem cells 24k gold, placenta or snail sludge and botanicals deep into the skin, while lying under an LED Oxygen dome that helps penetrate these ingredients with light therapy and a high concentration oxygen mist to stimulate micro-vascular circulation.



  • Blading Upgrade $50

    This popular upgrade takes your Hydrafacial exfoliation to the next level! Blading is a gentle treatment that removes the outermost layer of your skin. Vellus hairs (peach fuzz) are removed as a side effect which is loved by many.

  • Collagen Induction Therapy with XO8 Placenta Peptide Complex $75

    Is the best product to pair with this treatment for instant and long-lasting results. Transforming:

    • Fine lines and other signs of aging
    • Blemishes and discoloration
    • Uneven skin tone and texture


  • MicroCurrent Treatment $75

    Microcurrent works even deeper to strengthen muscle tone, it stimulates (ATP) Adenosine triphosphate – Energy carrying molecule found in the cells of all living things. ATP diminishes with age and as a result leaves muscle and their contractions weaker. By doing microcurrent on a regular basis, you’ll see a difference in skin laxity, leaving your skin more noticeably firm. This treatment effects the eyes, cheeks and jaw area significantly. After just one treatment you will benefit significantly by awakening dry, dull, undernourished skin, tired or lax facial and neck muscles. You’ll walk away from this all-encompassing treatment feeling renewed and your skin reborn feeling fresh, clean, nourished, firmed and hydrated, with your eyes wide open, your senses calmed and relaxed. You’ll notice a toned, youthful looking effect to the entire area treated. Recommended (10) treatments, 1 weekly to jump-start the process and monthly treatments to maintain the effect.

  • Phoenix Awakening Microcurrent package $975

    Package Includes: (2) Phoenix Awakening treatments with Microcurrent (8) Microcurrent treatments – Once weekly

    Week 1 – Phoenix Awakening treatment with Microcurrent
    Weeks 2,3,4 – Microcurrent LED – O2 Dome
    Week 5 – Phoenix Awakening treatment with Microcurrent
    Weeks 6,7,8 – Microcurrent LED – O2 Dome

  • Package of 3 $650 - Phoenix Awakening treatments with Microcurrent 

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